Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Arsenal 2 Fulham 0: Santi restored

1. Eusebio - but we say Gibbo

Monreal vs Gibbs is turning into a fascinating contest, and to be honest I'm not sure who Le Boss's favourite it at the moment. Monreal has been solid if unspectacular and without Gibbo's threat from the flanks. But Monreal is increasingly marauding forward (fullback cliche alert. Or should that be Clichy.). That said, it may be no coincidence that since Gibbo has been out, we have looked less of an attacking threat. Maybe ask yourself the question if the ECL final was tomorrow and we were in it, who would you pick? I'd go Gibbo. Watch this space.

2. Loving the Gnabster 

Without wishing to say he doesn't work exceptionally hard, Gnaby really does seem to be finding the game at this level easy, meaning he is taking it in his stride, not phased, and not found anything he can't deal with.

3. Our new false 9 

Berbatov is one of the few Sp*rs players I ever enjoyed watching whilst still playing for them, and I include Hoddle in that. In fact unlike to most others I wasn't being ironic when I used to chant that Rixy was better than him. And oddly enough I love the pantomime villainy of Teddy, but not when he was playing for that lot up the road where houses are now worth a lot for such a sh*thole apparently. 

But I digress. Despite this, no way do I want him to come to us. Firstly he missed a sitter the other week for Fulham, and I mean an absolute sitter. What we need above all, above the ability to hold it up, above pace, is the ability to put away a hard won chance when it comes along. Oh yes, and he is a lazy git.  If the Vucinic rumours are true, assuming he is as good as he was when we played Roma a few years ago...yes please.

4. Your Brucie Bonus 

Apart from his excellent goals, I thought Cazorla really took the initiative when we needed someone to up the tempo. It's been TR7 recent but Santi took that role tonight. The way different players are stepping up when needed, and more precisely the fact that we have several players capable of doing so, is excitingly reminiscent of 2001.