Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Monday, 27 January 2014

FA Cup: Arsenal 4 Coventry 0

1. I hate to be negative but.....

Not a good day for ‘The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived’ (©Arseblog), Nicky Bendtner. In the Cardiff game I thought he did an accomplished and interesting  impression of Giroud, leading me to stroke my beard knowingly and philosophise how any January striker purchase didn’t need to be a Giroud clone but could complement him. Today, though, he did nothing particularly well: he didn’t drop deep and win the ball or hold it up. Neither was he the point of attack. As others have pointed out he is just back from injury, but I’ll be less charitable. I’ll be honest, I don’t rate him and never have since that League Cup game at Burnley where he missed about 5 one on ones. Other than a willingness to attack the box, I just don’t see where his skills really lie. 

2. We ran around in a good way

I’ve heard people say we took it a bit easy in the first half. On the contrary, I thought we worked bloody hard as a team. Whilst we haven’t always ‘earned the right to play’ in the past, I thought we were pressing admirably. Well done boys, that’s why this season is different maybe. 

3. Whip it...real good

Corporal Jenkinson ‘has much to learn defensively’ as the saying goes, and I wouldn’t want to be going into a big game with him at RB. But it’s still a rare delight to see him whipping in the best cross from an Arsenal fullback since…..hmm…..can’t think of any.