Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Friday, 21 February 2014

Arsenal 0 Bayern 2: Not heartbroken

Hate to say it but going out is no disaster 

I know you should try to win every competition, but I'll be honest I think we have a greater chance of winning the league than the ECL. Not only that but I think we won't win the league if we are also in the ECL. League and cup will do me. Don't forget our great run in the league last year came on the back of only being in the one competition. If we had been fighting on all fronts and Sp*rs had not been in the UEFA cup, we might not have been playing Bayern at all.

Arsene does tactics

Our great start came with not only high pressing but with fast 15 yard passes in behind their full backs (as opposed to tipy tappy) which to me seemed like a change in approach. Surely this shows that at least in some respects Arsene does do some homework on the opposition and have tactical plans. I have to say it was also a bit Liverpool-esque.

For the second leg I would say no need to go all out guns blazing.  I would play it like George did in Anfield '89 - try to get to half time at 0-0. Then just one goal will create nerves.

Ozil's penalty

To everyone saying Ozil shouldn't have taken a penalty against someone he has played with since childhood - doesn't it work the other way? Shouldn't it also give him an advantage?