Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Arsenal 0 Man U 0: Chance lost for revenge

1. What's French for 'get stuck in'?

I love Giroud, but he is not playing well, and what really struck me was that his problem is not lack of clinical finishing, which we all know about. It's that he has lost a lot of his aggression when seeking to receive and hold the ball up front. To be fair he often had more than one man on him but it's an area of the game which seems to have taken a dip. And stop looking at your misses on big screen, FFS.

2. What's French for 'in the mix'?

We are so in with a shout - even after dropping 5 points in two games - that it's not funny. Try to enjoy it. I wouldn't bet my house on us winning the league, but I'm no less confident than in 2008. In fact more so.

3. A word on United.

They really are basically Everton, now. Never saw the Moyes thing then and still don't. All those years they came to Arsenal and not once did they display any style or pattern of play. Awful.