Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Arsenal 2 Palace 0: Arsenal book top spot after no Pullis surprise

1. Olivier O-love-ier

Giroud is a player who I really enjoy watching playing and look forward to him getting the ball. I love that thing he does where he receives the ball and incredibly manages to evade the probing, snapping, insectivorous legs of opposition players and keep the ball.

However, on a popular Arsenal podcast last week he was described as having an awful first touch. For a player who holds the ball up so splendiforously I find that an amazing statement. Some people. Now, I admit he is not so clinical in front of goal and his banging the ground with his fist is annoying but I'd rather him than a clinical finisher who contributes nothing to the team. Come to think of it, doesn't that sum up Podolski a little bit of late?

2. Controversial!

Flamini's fist pumping entrance against Sp*rs was the stuff of legend. It seemed to symbolise a new era, where - finally - we had some leadership to complement skills. Pundits now talk of him being one the best signings of the summer. And I do like old Flim Flam. But is it just me or has he not been playing especially well lately? Or more to the point I don't think Arsene has worked out how exactly to use him.

He is best protecting the back four and buzzing around opposition attackers, picking them off. But where he is the holding midfielder, I think we suffer from lack of a passer to quickly launch attacks.

In particular, I thought against both Manchester teams we looked 'not quite right' in midfield when he played. One for Arsene to sort out.

3. Waiting for the return of his nibs, Gibbs

We are all aware of the cliche about the importance of attacking full backs in the modern game. But in the last couple of weeks I've noticed a) our counter attacking being a bit poo and b) Gibbs not being there. Are they connected, I ask? I'll be interested to see what we look like on his return.