Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Arsenal 4 Sunderland 1: Easy does it.

What did we learn?
Nice to have a stress free win, I really enjoy and appreciate those games. But - without wishing to disrespect the effort that the boys put in to earn the right to play - I actually didn't think it showed any return to form, we weren't particularly brilliant compared to recent weeks. Sunderland were awful, as I would rightly expect from any team a week before a Wembley final. 

Tomas Rosicky - for those about to rock...
In the future I will look back on Tommy Rosicky as a player I really enjoyed watching. We are lucky to have him, and it is such a shame he was injured for so long. His strength to me is all about playing through the middle (as 'the little Mozat') and its interesting to remember that for literally years Arsene played him on the wing. Now I know we had Cesc but......could he have been better used?

Stuart Robson - maybe it's not personal
Stuart Robson as a commentator is not very popular with Arsenal fans. But in recent weeks I have heard him a fair bit as a pundit and do you know what? Its not just Arsenal. He applies his whining, drawn out, repeated moaning to other clubs too. Today he wouldn't shut up about Sunderland.