Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Sunday, 9 March 2014

FA Cup: Arsenal 4 Everton 1 and Man City knocked out

It's on!
1. Man City getting knocked out at home by Wigan came - needles to say as my brother would put it - as a hell of a suprise. And it means all the Gooner family are thinking it - it's likely we will win the Cup. But to those of use who remember Ipswich, West Ham, Wrexham, York, Birmingham, Swindon and even to an extent Galatasaray, we also know it is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from done.

2. The new Mickey Mouse cup?
If we do win it, be prepared for 'Arsenal have only won the FA Cup. once, in 9 years'. (Unless we win the league and Champions League, of course!). And I half agree - whilst I will celebrate like hell, let's make it the start of something. Given the stars we have had over the last few years, we should have won more cups.

3. Onto Bayern
Bayern this week. As I've said before, let's just get to half time at 0-0. Then its on.