Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Stoke 1 Arsenal 0: We've got to do better than that...

Southern Softies
I am firmly in the 'don't let them get to you' camp. Once you show their tactics are working you're onto a loser. React with aggression and anger by all means, but we bleat too much. Keith Andrews recently said of his time at Stoke: 'We loved it when Arsenal came, we knew we could get to them.'

After another game up North somewhere a young Cesc said 'I don't understand why people like it when we lose - we play the best football.' I don't wish to come over all Myles Palmer, but it was shocking that anyone in the club had let that attitude get that far.

Ox into Sanogo and ...aaaggghhh!
Transfer window frustration summed up in one moment. At least he won't lean back again now that he knows it means the ball will go over....:-/

No, not the postage and packaging to send Bendtner away for good. I'm talking about Pace and Power. Now I know Barcelona don't particularly use then but that's because they use relentless, snapping, pressing instead. In my book you'll get nowhere without them.And on Saturday we had neither.