Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Dortmund 2 Arsenal 0: So what's new?

1. Nothing new to see here.
In an early season Arsecast extra Arseblogger said there were reasons for optimism in the big games due to the fact that we would surely be able to learn from last year's have defeats to big clubs. But surely if we didn't learn after City...or Liverpool...before getting hammered by Chelsea then why would the act of simply entering a new season make a difference? It actually looked like Klopp had watched videos of those games  as BD played very differently to last year and much more like Liverpool had done us. That said, I am very surprised by the level of distress just a few games in. Nothing's changed and there was no reason to expect it to so just hold on to your hats and come along for a groundhog ride, hoping that luck and higher quality players will get us somewhere. It could still be enjoyable.

2. We've never been good with players running at us.
Remember when some guy called Kone ran us ragged in the Russian snow a few years back? One B/C list striker playing alone upfront against our two CBs caused us all sorts of problems. In fact even the Invincibles weren't great at it and often seemed to concede from the first attack against us due to being 'ran at'. Not criticising the Invincibles - just saying it's possibly a characteristic of AW teams.

3. Waiting for the blockbuster
Never minds AWs book. It's Bouldy's that I really want to read.