Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Villa 0 Arsenal 3: More of those, please.

1. Shape
The changes gave the team a shape and pattern totally missing for much of this season.  Aahhh, shape. It's a lovely thing which you don't seem to get with a whole team of short number 10s charging about like. There was something about the interplay between Ramsay, Ozil and Welbeck today that looked very good. If only they had a monster DM behind them.....

2. Oh, Danny Boy
Wellbeck still surprisingly (to me) raw but I really like him, he offers a lot and has great potential to improve a lot further. Just overjoyed we are not relying on Sanogo, Bendtner etc. He's got a song and I think he shows how a new signing just gives a bit of much needed freshness sometimes.

3. Careful, Sir Ches
Some great saves by Chesney. But there were two mistake in the first 13 minutes (the kick and then getting caught in no mans land) and he couldn't do that every week and not lose his place #justsaying