Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Monday, 8 September 2014

Which is the best Arsenal podcast?

I'm going to break with tradition here, forgo my usual short blog, and talk about my favourite podcasts of the Arsenal persuasion. As someone who used to live under a mile from Highbury but is now stuck literally half way across the globe, podcasts are pretty bloody essential and my means of keeping in touch.

Are podcasts the new rock shows? You'd be tempted to think so judging by the busy gigging circuit with repeat appearances by regular podcast guests. Near the top of the list are Queen Amy of Lawrence, Philip Auclair (Arsenal friendly French journalist) and Julien Lauren (Arsenal friendly French journalist who is not Philippe Auclair).To be fair its great hearing top journos talk solidly about Arsenal.

Just one bit of further ado - I totally appreciate that we get this entertainment provided for free, so thanks to you all. And now the countdown...

1.  The Tuesday Club
The best. Four funny blokes of a certain vintage remember that in this angry football age age, it's important to remember to enjoy it all, even the moaning - come win, lose or crisis. I live in a country which regularly polls as the happiest in the Western World and you know what - they just don't get why I enjoy a good gripe.

2. Arseblog Arsecast
Aaah, lovely deep voiced Arseblogger, in Arseblog Towers with Mrs Bloggs, the Blogette and rum. Like Shakespeare, now regularly contributing words to the dictionary (surely you are all talking about interlulls and the mugsmashers?). Superbly produced to boot. Is it me or is he being less opinionated lately having been p*ssed off by twitter hystericists and keyboard warriors? p.s. Don't miss the hidden sketch at the end.

3. Arse2Mouse
Miserable middle class fan moans amusingly and says much of what I think. Excellent.

4 Footballistically Arsenal
Vaguely famous media types and long term Arsenal fans mix it up with well chosen guests. The chemistry has not quite been there since the original lineup changed but I can't help finding Boyd Hilton rather likeable. Improved since Josh has been on it. Now more of a 'guest' show with a changing lineup which makes it more variable in quality each week but still good.

5. ArseAmerica 
'Americans talk about football in an English way without sounding odd!' shocker. Yankee Gunner knows his stuff and says it with humour.

6. A Bergkamp Wonderland
Too long, and with very odd fake homoeroticness from Gimli and GFP at the start of each show. But as part of your Arsenal fix, good insight especially from GeoffArsenal and Gav (She Wore blog).   To his credit, Gimli actually controls the tempo professionally. Lots of opinions on show.

7. YAMACast (You are my Arsenal) 
Yet another American talking about football without sounding weird. More of an interview show - Chris Toroni stays in the background and interviews some very good guests from poderati, blogerati and celebrity (well, Matt Lucas once).

8. The Sp*rs Show
I find it compelling. Apart from the joy of hearing their early season optimism deflate - they really are quite a self effacing, intelligent, unentitled bunch. Not at all like I remember Sp*rs fans when I was a kid. Of course. when they are doing very well I don't listen (i.e. I listen every week...b'dum tshh).

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