Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Saturday, 29 November 2014

29 Nov 2014 - WBA 0 Arsenal 1: Enjoyable!

1.Baby steps
Whilst we won and kept a clean sheet, this seemed to me more like baby steps than a real back to basics. It looked like we were tentatively learning this skills all over again, like when Bruce Rioch took over from George Graham (one for the oldies) and we saw the team try to pass more than three times in a row - it was great but rather unusual and not yet in our DNA .

2. I enjoyed our football
Having said that we were hardly a machine, I actually found our attacking play - especially from Welbeck, Alexi, Cazorla - entertaining and attractive to watch. Very little tika-taka around the 'arc of dispair' - as the ball gets played to death around the edge of the box.

3. Santi's new role
Santi was great today - and very box to box for a player like him. In particular he was always on the edge of our own box ready to take the ball to start a break. This carries unmistakeable echos of Bobby Pires who was always in that position, ready to receive the ball from defenders. It's a great position and I've often wondered why other players haven't played that role more - Jack for example.