Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Saturday, 7 February 2015

7 Feb 2015 T*ttenham 2 Arsenal 1: Never a nice thing....

1. Shame, a shame. At least it wasn't stupid mistakes or lack of intelligence by the players. This was a grade A tactical defeat. Wenger will receive criticism for his decision to carry on without changing anything for most of the game where it looked like we were under the cosh. And I couldn't defend him really. He's so  odd  - won't defend for ages, then when we do and need a little bit of attacking added, he won't do it. Personally I think it was clear that neither our front three (if you can say Ozil, Welbeck, Giroud) wasn't working and needed a change.

2. I like Welbz, but he doesn't seem to be of the top level. He is also apparently an unlucky player, from what I have seen.

3. I'm grown up enough to appreciate the Harry Kane header.

Bonus point: Danny Mills co-commentary. Ugh.