Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Palace 1 Arsenal 2: What a different a post makes

1. We didn't buckle when a team came up and at us
Firstly, it was a great game, and credit to Palace, they came at us and have a lot of attacking threat. However, unlike many many other away games over the years when teams came at us, I never felt that we were 'rocking' as such, which is significant praise for our new found defensive capability and resilience.

2. The new Ozil
I am very excited by the 'new' Ozil. Wenger really seems to be working on and with him and basically changing the player he is by adding new qualities to the dainty, intelligent, efficient but lightweight central player. In the last couple of games we have seen Ozil on the shoulder of the last defender a couple of times even. It could be very interesting indeed.

3. Who can we compare Santi to?
I am trying to think who else in footballing history has played the Santi role - a deep 'jinker' if you will, as opposed to a deep passer, or a deep tackler. Pires certainly liked launching a counter attack with a jnk, but it wasn't his main role. Anyone else? It's also a role Jack might be able to do.