Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Arsenal 1 Wolfsburg 0: Emirates Cup and Pre-season thoughts

Remember my name...
I've only just watched Jazzy Jeff's performance from YouTube, but I gather it was something special. I know people have said he is like Anelka, but there is something about this positioning on the pitch – running from deep with speed and skill - which makes me think of (gulp) Rocky.  Mind you, Glenn Helder had a pretty good debut....

Le Balance will favour Welbz?
Given Le Boss’s almost religious devotion to ‘balance’ with a hard working type on the right (think Parlour, Wiltord, even Eboue goddamit) I think Welbeck might play more games than some are predicting.

My transfer line is this: whilst I think we need Coq backup, what’s more important is that we buy character – that’s the missing piece the the jigsaw – real winners, like Alexis.

Transfers pt 2
I think part of Le Boss’s transfer reticence (and there’s no denying it exists) is that he will look at last season and say that with a better start we could have won enough points to have won the league. He is therefore going for a good start through not introducing too many players.

Early season predictions
I’m minded to put a bet on Arsenal United for first and second. A couple of injuries and Chelsea could be in trouble. And I still think the PSG result last season was seismic as it shows they are capable of flunking big games tactically and discipline wise. United – well if they can finish third playing like they did last season their new players plus De Gea staying will mean they win an awful lot of points.

And finally...
Harry Harris the mirror journo has claimed that Spurs actually turned down Dennis Bergkamp as Gerry Francis thought Chris Armstrong would be a better buy.