Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Palace 1 Arsenal 2: Back on track

I want you (full) back
There's nothing quite like a good full back pairing. Rice and Nelson, Anderson and Samson, Dixon and Winterburn - though for some reason Cole and Lauren didn't seem quite a pair in the same way.  
Anyway, my point is there's something about Bellerin and Monreal. In particular Monreal is my choice as the Arsenal hipsters favourite in his no nonsense solidity and understated toughness. Bellerin also really adds something to our team game. It's tough on Debuchy who would get into most EPL teams, but  Hector gets my nod - not only because I like saying 'Hector' (to rhyme with shore) but because he is good both against good teams to deal with their tricky wingers and again lesser teams to add something going forward.

Le Coq
Despite the hoo-haa (something else I like saying) about the second booking, I think he showed so much today why he is invaluable to us. Just before our second goal he made two killer dispossessing tackles at both ends of the pitch. For all the 'the modern game is about reading and interception, not tackling' it's something I love to see on a pitch. He really reminds me of Mascherano - tigrish, disciplined territorially and not too shabby going forward.

Ozil-s first goal
Girouds goal was a classic Ozil assist. As Alan Davies would say: 'Und now I vil score the first goal by aiming at Giroud's foot with just the right speed und angle'. What a delivery. Well, in actual fact it was too far behind Olivier who did remarkably well to connect. But I want to keep the Ozil-genius meme going for a bit longer.