Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Post Arsenal 0 West Ham 2

1. I ask: do we lack mental strength, or mental ability?
People talk rather generally about strength but with all the strength in the world, you also have to know how to turn a game around. You get told, surely?

2. Cech past it?
According to the excellent Betteridge's law, that any question in a headline has an answer no - no. People are saying that it was foolish to suggest that Cech could make a difference, given that our problem last season was not goalkeeping errors. I say there is no way that a keeper who is better than what we had will not make a big difference. Have these people not seen what a commanding keeper does for a team, as opposed to one that simple 'doesn't make mistakes'?

3. Can't be pleased by a loss, but....
You know, I was kind of dreading a few convincing early wins, followed by 'Arsenal will win the league', followed by our traditional November crash.  Sort of pleased we have avoided that nonsense backslapping after a few good wins on nice pitches at the start of the season.