Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Mourinho is Alvin the Treacherous

The Mourinho - Wenger spat is playing out deliciously, more like a crafted novel than we could have dared hope for.  Jose moans that
Arsène Wenger can cry, moan, not achieve and still be king
 The gloriousness of it all comes in the fact that - like any classic frustrated villain - he just really doesn't get why this is the case. It's dramatic irony 101.

For any of you with kids who have just finished the last installment of How to Train Your Dragon (hugely recommended) Mourinho IS Alvin the Treacherous. Despite possessing all the 'King's Things' (which it is prophesied the king will have, and which he stole from Hiccup) he just doesn't understand why he is not king, that being a king is about behavior and dignity and not possession.

He is probably the most successful manager in the world, I hear from Chris Kamara that he is good company, but Mourinho does have the whiff of classlessness about him doesn't he?

There's a sense of exasperation coming from our favourite well dressed manager at Stamford Bridge. Arseblog recently detected
more evidence that the Chelsea manager is teetering on the brink of something this season. I fully expect him to do something absolutely crazy before this year is out. I hope he punches a referee in the helmet.
And, like the classic baddie who flips at the the end and lets his frustrated evil madness vent, I wouldn't put it past him.