Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Pre-transfer deadline

If we finally have some money, but can't spend it to our advantage then - weeps quietly to self - what was the point of all the tough times to get here? #Almunia

Is Arsene really saying that with over 50m couldn't improve us at all? Or is this about the risk of bringing someone in vs what they might give us? Arsene seems be HUGELY risk averse.

The situation is so frustrating, that whilst Arsene is not answerable to the fans, it is surely in the club's interests to think about the importance of PR around deadline day. It's not just about spin, it's about respect for your intelligent, reasonable core fans.  If you don't rebut the reasonable conclusions which they will draw then you are surely responsible partly for the resulting negativity. 

Who would I want in? Well apart from cover for Coq I want NOUS and INTELLIGENCE. Lack of spirit, mental strength, skill, poor finishing didn't let Newcastle or Spurs back to back to 4-4, or Birmingham beat us in the Cup Final or make us conceded 5 to Liverpool. Lack of intelligence did. Personally, I think you can coach this. But if not, then get in some experience. Teddy Sherringham didn't actually play that much for United, but when he got brought on with 4 minutes to go in the ECL Final he knew what to do. There - I've said it. I thought Teddy was a great player. #Ibrahivovic #GoOnArseneDoit