Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Arsenal 2 Everton 1: Sod the Arsenal game let's talk Chelsea

I am now officially obsessed with Mourinho's decline. 

The Mourinho business is showing Wenger in a better and better light. For all we have moaned about Arsene recently because of various things, his class has never been in doubt. The more Jose shows a lack of it under pressure, the more I appreciate having a manager with it. For the record, I have said all along that I would never, ever want Mourinho at out club, no matter what the success.

Jose obviously wants out - in his last three games he has intentionally sought out bans in all three of them. Roman won't play into this game and pay out £35m compensation.  In other words the more Jose plays the madman the less likely Roman is to sack him. This game of bluff should be hilarious.

This is playing out so poetically, so beautifully, that we simply have to win the title. And I almost want it more for Arsene's sake than Arsenal's. COYG!