Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Swansea 0 Arsenal 3

For me, yet another MOTM performance and yet more progression for him as an Arsenal player. For all his passing excellence, there are those who doubt his leadership - his ability to actually dictate a game on his own. In the first half we had some decent posession but with Sanchez quiet, Campbell still looking raw and Giroud with no speed, his ability to cause damage with fine passing alone was limited, In the second half, he moved to the heart of the action and rather than simply acting as conduit/passer he seeemed to be holding play up and releasing at the right time. A new Ozil, taking responsibility and controlling the game more than ever..

I find him surprisingly raw still. He is fast, skillful and hard working but lacks quality on the ball in terms of decisions, making anything happen. Having said that, we just need someone to fill in on the right, keep it tight, add balance and let the others do their stuff. A modern day Christopher Wreh, if you will.

Outstanding again. The fear he put into Gomis for that one on one made me realise yet again that a great keeper does so much more than not make mistakes.

What we can learn from the All Blacks
When it looked like the Aussies might just get back into it after trailing for so long, up stepped experience. As Richie McCaw said 'we knew to not panic, keep things simple and take back control'. Never mind mental strength this is the 'in-game management' Arsenal have been crying out for for years. It's experience and intelligence.